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Production Line


Reik Strap Co., Ltd was founded in 1982  to provide a higher level of service in the textile industry. Since then, the vision and dedication of its founder has taken it to the status of a highly regarded international company. Originally focusing on the braided elastic business, Reik has expanded its services and product offerings across a wide variety of areas including:

  • Medical (Latex Free) elastics widely used on oxygen mask, respiratory, anesthesia  for customer like Vyaire Medical.
  • Garment industry 
  • DIY store chains like SRG, Walmart, Cup of Sugar etc. 
  • Stationery like notebook 
  • Furniture industry 
  • Recreational- sleeping masks, crunchies etc 
  • Fire-Firefighter Suits, Gloves, Bags, Helmets, Harnesses
  • AreoSpace
  • Babies-Baby Carries, Swaddles, Packs


Since founded, Reik has always been in the elastic for 40 years and we are able to take the challenge to overcome lots of difficulties to achieve the growth for customer. OEM production plays a key element role in our production and sales revenue and we are able to resolve the production bottlenecks with tools and efforts. 

The following OEM capbility is what we can offer.

  • Face Mask earloop production
  • Tipped or pre-cut Elastic
  • Varies of packaging 
  • Printing on the Elastic
  • New Design elastic to meet requirement of Medical application. 
  • Zero Latex ( 100% Latex Free ) 




Reik is not just the elastic producer but a pioneer to open mind to new technologies and industry trend. Now we are entering a new world on demanding more personal design and tailored service. now we can offer the following functional elastic. 

The following RD output is what we have done.

  • Zero Latex Elastic  or Pure Non-Latex Elastic
  • Light sensitive Elastic. Able to change color per UV light/Temperature 
  • Varies of packaging
  • Printing on the Elastic