6 Inch Wide by 2 Yard Elastic Fabric Band for Waistband Bedspread Cuff

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: REIK or OEM
Certification: ISO SGS
Model Number: EFB3
Minimum Order Quantity: 10pcs
Packaging Details: Paper Wrap, Poly Bag, Carton.
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Material: POLYESTER Color: White
Packing: Paper Wrap Product Type: Webbing
Use: Home Textile, Garment, Bags,Other Main Raw Materials: Polyester Latex Filament
Free Samples: Available Feature: Elastic With High Durability
High Light:

Elastic Fabric Band Waistband


2 Yard Elastic Fabric Band Bedspread


6 Inch polyester elastic band

What is Elastic made of?

Elastic is made from rubber and latex that have other flexible materials wrapped around it. Those materials are weaved together where the elastic characteristic does the most good and is not impeded in its purpose. The weaving method could be weave, knit and braid.


What is Elastic Fabric Band

Elastic fabric Band is a combination of materials that have elastic characteristics as well as flexible natures. The strands of each fabric are woven together to create a great elastic fabric that holds its shape even when it is stretched out.


What is Elastic Fabric Band Made Out Of?

Reik’s Elastic Fabric Band is made of Elastic Thread and Polyester or PP yarn. One of the main sources for elastic are Latex Rubber, it comes from the rubber tree and it is quite flexible or stretchy. In fact, the stretchy quality of latex and rubber is very desired for some articles of clothing.

You really do not want to dry clean rubber clothes either. The chemicals in the dry cleaning process can damage or ruin the fabric. When elastic is combined with polyester or other thread types, it is usually at the center of the construction and its duties are restricted to bringing the clothing item back to its original shape.


Which application is Elastic Fabric Band used in?

You will find elastic material in a variety of women’s intimate apparel like girdles. It is also found in belts, suspenders, waistbands, and a lot more clothing articles. Also, a lot of fashion accessories have elastic elements to them.

Elastic fabrics are also used on bed skirting, fitted sheets, bed ruffles, and just about anywhere that requires you to have flexible fabric. On top of that elastic fabrics or yarns can help create some wonderful jewelry pieces for those people who like innovation and creativity.



How many sizes does Reik produce for Elastic Fabric Band?

You will find datasheet below that Reik is producing. We could provide the most complete range of products regarding the braiding, weaving and knitting.


Fabric Type Width(Metric) Width(inch)
Flat Braid 3MM 0.12
4MM 0.16
5MM 0.20
6MM 0.24
7MM 0.28
8MM 0.31
9MM 0.35
10MM 0.39
12MM 0.47
15MM 0.59
20MM 0.79
25MM 0.98
Round Braid 1MM 0.04
1.5MM 0.06
1.8MM 0.07
2.0MM 0.08
2.5MM 0.10
2.8MM 0.11
3MM 0.12
3.5MM 0.14
4MM 0.16
5MM 0.20
6MM 0.24
7MM 0.28
8MM 0.31
9MM 0.35
10MM 0.39
Flat Knit 1CM 3/8"
1.5CM 5/8"
2CM 13/16"
2.5MM 1"
3CM 1" 1/4
3.5MM 1" 3/8
4CM 1" 5/8
4.5CM 1" 13/16
5CM 2"
6CM 2" 3/8
7CM 2" 3/4
8CM 3" 1/8
9CM 3" 5/8
10CM 4"
Flat Weaving 1 CM 3/8"
1.5 CM 5/8"
2 CM 13/16"
2.5CM 1"
3CM 1" 1/4
3.5CM 1" 3/8
4CM 1" 5/8
4.5CM 1" 13/16
5CM 2"
6CM 2” 3/8
7CM 2” 3/4
8CM 3” 1/8
9CM 3” 5/8
10CM 4"



Who We Are?

Reik is Elastic producer founded in 1982, being the leading supplier on the elastic ( Braiding, Knitting and Weaving Elastic), we are a family owned enterprise that owns a production building of 5 storages in an coastal industry zone, this ownership of this real estate provide us strong position to expand and could enable Reik to take steady steps to challange ourselves and grow even stronger.





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